【Flower】 7 DingDong bouquet *7只小叮噹花束*
Part Number F1070
【Flower】 7 DingDong bouquet *7只小叮噹花束*
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**Very High Quality Material; Close to Real Flower**  
Fantastic Bouquet Style**

Doll size: 4 cm
Bouquet about: 20x20cm




  • Creative Cartoons Flower Bouquet - recreate a new style of flower's gift; in order to bring your significant others endless surprises, and helps capture the most precious moment in life.
  • A Bouquet of Creative Cartoon Flower – Break free from tradition to a variety of creativity idea. It has given the recipients endless surprises and precious memory in their life time.
  • No matter what time of the day, Creative Cartoons Flower Bouquet can help you capture the precious memory that will last a life time.
  • The unique designed bouquet you have never seen before
  • Creatively arranged the dolls into a beautiful bouquet 
  • The beauty of this bouquet will never fade away

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  • 【Flower】 7 DingDong bouquet *7只小叮噹花束*
    【Flower】 7 DingDong bouquet *7只小叮噹花束*
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    【Flower】 7 DingDong bouquet *7只小叮噹花束*
    【Flower】 7 DingDong bouquet *7只小叮噹花束*
    【Flower】 7 DingDong bouquet *7只小叮噹花束* [ITEMPRICE] [ITEMPRICE]
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