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General Questions FAQ
 Why shop at Qshop123.com
A: Our goal is to make our customers feel fresh and different daily. we have 1000 plus products for our customers which cover whole body skin care and beauty, and even more. Our products are authentic and are the highest of quality. we have many programs like affiliate program, Hot products, etc.  to benefit our customers in various ways. For more information, check Q program for more details. 

Are products(skin care,  Cosmetics, contact lens..)at Qshop123.com authentic?
A: Absolutely! we import our product from Asia. Direct from companies or their distributors. we sell authentic products only. 

Is Qshop123.com safe to shop?
A: Absolutely! Our SSL certificate has one of the highest encryption to protect all your sensitive information. We will never share your information with anyone else but the account holder. we recommend our customers to contact us via email when inquiring about their orders. All we need to know is your order number and your name.  
What are reward points and how to redeem it?
A:   reward points are points given to our customers when they shop from our Qshop123.com. For every dollar you spent, you earn 2 points(1 points = 1cents). You can redeem your points for your purchase item when you have enough points. For more information, check Reward Program Guideline

 How to contact us if you have any questions regarding of products, shipping, etc?
A: you can find our contact information via Contact Us page. you can choose one of communication methods. We will response you ASAP, but please allow us to reply your message within 24 hours. We will never ignore our customers. 

 Can I buy Qshop123 Gift card for me, my friends, or others?
A: Yes, qshop123.com provides this service. After we receive your money via payment method, we will assign store credit to the specific account(require your account name or account email). you can  buy product using store credit, and it is not expiration day.

The product I want seems to be always out of stock. Why don't you guys re-stock faster?
A:We apologize for the inconvenience, please keep in mind our products are being imported from Asia. The more popular the product, the higher the demand is; therefore, the quicker the product sells out. you can still do pre-order at our website, we will ship out to you once products arrive. thanks. 
Ordering FAQ
Do we charge selling tax?
A: Yes. we need file selling tax for business in USA. Selling tax is based on selling tax rate at our store district. 
Payment FAQ
What payment method does Qshop123.com accept? 
A: We accept Paypal, Debit/Credit Cards such as Visa/Master/Discover/American Express via Paypal or Google checkout. It is 100% safe and secure service provided by Paypal or Google. We also accept Bank Transfer, Cash, Money Order, Please contact us if you choose to. 

Note: Make sure you pack money well inside envelop before you mail your money to us. It is better use paper to wrap money inside to reduce money loss. we are not responsible for loss during mailing. 

 What happen qshop123 double charge my money?
A: The situation should be rarely happen. For such case due to refresh website during payment procedure, Please contact me immediately. we surely refund you extra money if it is system mistake. 

Shipping FAQ
 What happen if items' lost during shipping?
A: Sorry to hear about it. Please allow us to take certain steps to analyse and search. Usually we will send you out a tracking number when every time we ship out products to our customers. It is our responsibility to provide customers the tracking information. we never do shadow business because we understand that every customer is deserved best service. However, customer also have a responsibility to track the status of shipping. For example, we are not responsible for the item lost if shipping carrier (USPS, UPS, Fedex) already drop down item to the address you provided because you should be there to receive it, and your address should be safe.

1. It is customer's responsibility to keep tracking their item after shipping out.
2. It is customer's responsibility to contact shipping carrier if item doesn't ship on time (Estimated arrival date should be mention on tracking information)
3. If we don't notify you about your shipping, please remind us. thanks.

we will take certain step to analysis the root cause of shipping loss, and take decisions base on that. 

Why my item take so long ship to my address after I order?
A: We have two types of orders: a) Batch/pre-order  b)in stock. 
For Batch/pre-order, Usually take 2~3 weeks to customer's address; depend on distance

For in stock, takes approximately 2~8 Business Days; depend on distance
Note: For USA

Does Qshop123.com ship internationally?
A: We do international business.

Does Qshop123.com have free shipping nationally or internationally?
A: At this point, we don't have free shipping internationally, but yes, we do have free shipping nationally if you purchase $60 or more from our website. 

Why doesn't International Priority have tracking?
A: International shipping rates can be quite spendy, so we wanted to provide our customers with a cheaper shipping service. A cheaper service also means a more basic method of shipping. Basic international shipping is not supported by tracking. To view other methods of shipping that do support tracking, visit the Shipping section of our site.
Return FAQ
 What is Qshop123 return policy?
A: Returns are accepted for the following conditions within 30 days from the date of shipment.

1. Your items arrived damaged during shipment.
We will gladly resend your order, but you must provide proof of the damage lens. 
E.g: Take a picture or send the damaged lens back (msg or email me for this option).

2. We sent out the wrong item(s).
Items must be UNOPENED/unused and sent back within 30 DAYS from the shipment date. Otherwise, you have to accept it.
Return the item(s) to the address on the envelope/package when you received your items
If you do not send back the wrong item(s) within 30 days from the date of shipment, you will be charged for the second shipment.

 Why haven't I received my refund yet?
A: We will refund you money after i receive and verify the returned items. Please give us little time. We never do shadow business.